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Fully Furnished Premium Room Options

The elegance and age-friendly design of fully furnished premium rooms at Vardaan Senior Living will let you cherish your stay forever.

Gym for Elderly- Vardaan Senior Living


Senior Friendly Gymnasium equipped with all age appropriate equipment for your active living needs will let you change the way you Age by staying healthy, fit & active.

Cycling and walking track- Vardaan Senior Living

cycling and
walking track

Vardaan Senior Living offers ample open space to follow an active lifestyle by walking, cycling & performing morning/evening routine exercises.

Activity Lounge with dedicated Activity Management Staff - Vardaan Senior Living

Activity Lounge with dedicated Activity Management Staff

Activity Center with facilities of play room (board games, card room, billiards, table-tennis), library, Multipurpose Hall are accessible to seniors with dedicated staff for activity management.

Panchkarma- Vardaan Senior Living


The Panchkarma will help you rejuvenate and relax with therapeutic treatments of ayurveda, naturopathy & aromatherapy.

Meditation & Yoga- Vardaan Senior Living

meditation & yoga

Breathe, Meditate & let all your worries set free. Vardaan Senior Living has 21 acres of lush green environment with ample open spaces to perform meditation & yoga. A dedicated meditation center is also available in our activity center.

Play with Snooker - Vardaan Senior Living

snooker room

Follow your heart and stay young by spending your time playing with like-minded friends. The Snooker Room will allow you to play unmatched shots & chase wins with your buddies.

Table Tennis Activity Centre- Vardaan Senior Living

table tennis

Active Living has nothing to do with age. Just don’t stop playing anything you like. Dedicated space for playing Table Tennis at our Activity Center. You can still win matches and state victories.

Library Facilities for Elderly - Vardaan Senior Living


Library is the most peaceful place to utilise time by developing positive emotions. You may pick up your favourite books from the genre of your interest and make your day even better at our activity lounge.

Lush Green Environment- Vardaan Senior Living

Lush Green Environment

Refresh your soul amidst 21 Acres of lush green environment, hearing the chirping of birds, creating memories with sunrise, experiencing peace of mind, listening to your favourite music and following your heart. Welcome to nature's paradise at Vardaan Senior Living.

Multipurpose Room for Elderly - Vardaan Senior Living

Multipurpose Room

The Multipurpose hall is a curated facility with a capacity of for organising occasional events, enjoying gatherings, month-end parties and celebrations. It may be booked by residents at Vardaan Senior Living for their personal gatherings and celebrations.

Experience Room for Elderly- Vardaan Senior Living

Experience Room

The Audio & Experience Room is an aesthetically designed facility serving entertainment and enjoying special hours and events planned by the Activity Management team like Matinee Shows, Performances by residents, Stage Shows, Karaoke Evenings etc.

Music Room facility- Vardaan Senior Living

Music room

Music makes us Happy. For all individuals, there is some or other kind of music that feeds the soul. At our Music Room facility which is designed for relaxing your soul, you may sing your heart out or play your favourite music instrument in spending your leisure or following your passion.

Grocery Store- Vardaan Senior Living- Vardaan Senior Living

Grocery Store

A fully-functional grocery store to meet all the daily convenience needs is available in the premises for ease of seniors. Doorstep Delivery of your order will also be supported by the grocery store management.

Physiotherapy facility- Vardaan Senior Living


Exercise is a basic biological need of every human. Elderly Care which needs assistance with exercise and pain management is supported by the physiotherapists available on call for the health & wellness care of Seniors.

Hospital with 28 practitioners- Vardaan Senior Living

Hospital with 28 practitioners

Vardaan Senior Living has a CGHS approved hospital with 28 practitioners in different specializations who are there to serve & treat any medical emergency need of Seniors. 24x7 Nursing care is also offered by our facility. Facility of routine checkups, blood reports by pathology lab, X-ray & Imaging center are also available with all advanced services at the hospital.