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Why Do India’s Seniors Choose To Live Independently In Retirement Homes?

Posted on April 27, 2022

The ‘old age home’ has gone the way of the retirement community, as India’s senior citizens prefer autonomy and camaraderie during their golden years. As of today, the couple lives in an assisted-care retirement home in India, where they are surrounded by people their age and live a happy and active life. A growing number of elders are opting to live independently in retirement homes rather than staying alone or under the care of their children and other relatives during their golden years.

As the population ages, the need for senior housing will increase. The modern retirement home offers the elderly unparalleled quality of life through world-class amenities and compassionate staff. Having a well-managed retirement home gives the elderly the time and space to rekindle their hobbies, socialize with others their own age, and maintain their physical fitness by participating in regular fitness classes

The residents of retirement homes have access to a variety of green spaces and outdoor gyms, which help them keep healthy. Retirement homes are a good choice for elderly individuals who desire to remain independent in their old age because they offer a blend of healthcare, hospitality, and housing. Retirement homes are a good choice for elderly individuals who desire to remain independent in their old age because they offer a blend of healthcare, hospitality, and housing.

The psychological benefits of living in a retirement home are also significant.

As a result, the residents feel less lonely, and their interactions with their kids are more positive since they no longer have to feel guilty about their choices.

Vardaan Senior Living is one of many senior living residencies, a concept that Indians are gradually warming up to, as seen by the growing number of such retirement homes across the country.

“Let me clarify one thing first, this is not an old age home ” There is a slight similarity between these two places, which is that they both serve elderly people. Senior living refers to a range of housing and lifestyle choices for the elderly adapted to the challenges of age-related health issues such as mobility issues and vulnerability to illnesses.

A Rising Trend

“Indian children were not ready 15 years ago to live away from their parents. These days, however, the children leave for jobs in other countries or cities and their parents remain alone, which explains the rise in retirement homes.

Vardaan Senior Living is also managing such a community in Delhi only. “ Being part of such a community eliminates loneliness and alienation, which helps to promote mental health. They have a sense of security and their self-esteem is intact since they don’t have to depend on their children. The professional system they rely on provides them with care. The Luxury retirement community , which began functioning in February 2022, has 45 different types of rooms. Vardaan Senior Living has 21 acres of green lush land and also has an operating hospital on the campus.

In the beginning, we were skeptical about the response. Now, however, the stigma associated with senior living communities may be fading away. Vardaan Senior Living, too, experienced rapid growth.

Empowerment Is Key

When one of the mates loses his/her ones, it’s not easy for the other one to enjoy, have fun, doing other things in life, but in a community like Vardaan Senior living there will always be a way to engage in one of the activities and manage to spend their time peacefully. For seniors, daily hassles can also be a source of stress, but it is comforting to know that housekeeping and meal preparation is always provided. Neither you nor anyone else has to worry about whether help will arrive the next day.

The medical staff at retirement communities live on the grounds so they can provide first aid and immediate medical attention when needed. Furthermore, In campus Hospital & has an advanced life support ambulance, where residents can go in for regular medical check-ups and special treatments. You are free to drive around on your own in Vardaan Senior Living, or you can request the staff to provide you with a golf cart for any outpatient appointments.

Senior living communities also provide extra medical care and assistance whenever needed. Additional in-home services like – physiotherapy, bathing, medicated dressing, feeding, and grooming are provided to seniors who have restricted mobility and require extra care. You can also request the services of paid help and a maid to clean your apartment.

This service, also known as Continuous Care Retirement, allows you to receive assistance from trained personnel right from the comfort of your apartment in the community.

Design Considerations

A lot of accidents happen to elderly people and often accidents are caused by faulty floors. No thresholds should be present, and the floor should be non-slippery. It is recommended to install wood flooring or linoleum.” Materials should be antibacterial, dust-free, and easy to clean and maintain.

Besides nonslip tiling, In these spaces the presence of grab bars in the bathroom area, as well as near the washbasin, since accidents commonly occur there. Bathrooms in these communities are large enough to accommodate a walker or an assistant.” Retirement homes are designed from scratch with seniors’ comfort and convenience in mind. It is reflected in the ILUs(Independent Living Units) as well as in the common infrastructure. A paid senior citizen living homes in retirement villages can be found with open-air lawns, ample recreational facilities such as gyms, libraries, indoor and outdoor games, communal community halls, cafés, and supermarkets within campus buildings

Know Before You Buy

Vardaan Senior Living supports senior citizens in their desire to maintain their independence by ensuring their security, dignity, and health.

“The Project is focused on holistic and Divine living So, as well as doctors on-site, yoga, and group activities, we will offer classes in music, dance, or art if that is what they wish to pursue. Volunteering is one of the ideas that has many takers. Vardaan Senior living also has gurukul and gaushala in the campus, we hope to involve the residents of the Vardaan in the activities too. Providing comfortable and safe living surroundings is part of the plan to help them enjoy life to the fullest.

Cure For Loneliness

In a retirement community, you have a lot of peers who are in the same age group as you. You can build your social network and make like-minded friends at Vardaan senior living thanks to the variety of engaging activities and entertainment options. Retirement villages are more than luxury senior living communities. In these vibrant communities, you can experience the best of company and emotional support in your sunset years.

Choice For Your Golden Years

In India, senior living communities are comparable to what you will find in the western world – they offer world-class amenities, thoughtful infrastructure, and highly qualified staff to cater to the nutritional and other needs of senior citizens. Senior living communities are more and more popular among seniors looking for a quality lifestyle during their golden years.

It’s a big deal to decide where you’ll live in your golden years. Hence, before choosing any one option, examine all the various options available to you, weigh their pros and cons, and then decide. Several senior living communities offer a trial living experience, in which you can stay, evaluate the features and amenities, and then make a decision.

Choosing an informed path will help you to enjoy your sunset years in comfort, safety, and health.