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The Importance Of Active Living For Seniors

Posted on June 6, 2022

Many of us, regardless of age, have the same New Year’s resolution every year: to be more “active.” Though often referring to physical activity, being “active” isn’t just about exercise. An “active” lifestyle may also include activities like volunteering, painting, following a passion or even meeting up regularly with friends for a happy hour.

Everyone benefits from an active lifestyle, but for older adults, active senior living can work wonders for each of the five dimensions of wellness-physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual.

The uttermost importance of active living for seniors lies in the realisation of their potential for physical and mental well-being throughout their life course. To support the ageing mind and body, it is indispensable for seniors to practice active living and healthy ageing.

The key benefits of Active Senior Living can be listed as follows:

Maintaining Independence

By staying physically active, seniors have the ability to reduce their likelihood of becoming ill, as well as enhance their mobility and flexibility to remain independent for as long as possible.

Moderate to intense physical activity as per a structured plan helps regulate weight, provides strength and develops confidence among an individual. Physical activities help seniors maintain their balance and coordination and help prevent falls from happening. It also enhances muscular strength and flexibility. Activities such as Yoga, meditation and playful dance such as zumba and aerobics enhance mood and help curb serious & most common mental disorders among seniors such as depression.

Improved Quality Of Life

Active Lifestyle improves quality of life specially if we talk about seniors as they often face solitude and lack of affection after a certain age. Active senior living communities, senior living clubs or exercising together can be an opportunity to socialise and enjoy the activity & togetherness.

Active Living among seniors can help them be happy and healthy, maintaining both health and wellbeing as it reduces risk of all kinds of diseases which often develop after a certain age if not focussed on lifestyle.

Active living will improve quality of life in a variety of ways from preventing depression, improving memory, improving social relationships and it may always surprise you.

Increased Life Expectancy

Studies show an overall lower risk of mortality and a significant decrease in functional abilities of adults who are physically active (versus those who are sedentary), so every effort should be made for seniors to get moving.

Active senior living activities that might be suitable include, taking walks as tolerated, chair exercises, slow stretching, yoga and flexibility exercises. Or, consider outdoor hobbies such as gardening, fishing or birdwatching.

A Loving Community

One of the best parts of growing older: friendships. With 70 to 80 years of connections, it can be hard to see how anyone in their old age could be lonely. The truth is that it can take a bit of work to nurture those relationships, especially if we move or change activities in those later years.

Finding an active senior living community that puts people first is a crucial first step in ensuring you never have to be alone.

Whether you join a club, show up for an activity that attracts curious and likeminded participants, or seek out new faces at a place of worship, the act of extending a handshake won’t go unrewarded.

Social activities are among the most valued in the senior years, as these can sustain through even the most challenging obstacles of ageing

Peace Of Mind

Finally, being at peace is something we all want to say we achieved in life. There’s no better time to find spiritual fulfilment than as an older adult.

Whether you choose to worship, pray, meditate, or simply reflect on the deep & serene connection we have with the universe around us, the benefits include a deeper sense of purpose at a time that can be difficult for some seniors.

However, regardless of age, enjoy every moment being active, stay happy and make people around you happy because happiness is contagious.

Too many people, when they get old, think that they have to live by the calendar.

John Glenn,
The oldest person to board U.S Space Shuttle
(Discovery) at age 77