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The Difference Between Retirement Homes & Old-Age Homes

Posted on June 21, 2022

In the present time, an elderly parent staying in an old-age home is quite a common scenario, but is it emotionally desirable? Most senior citizens can not accept the idea of living in an old-age home. Their children might wish they shall live peacefully, happily, and in a comfortable space where they have always lived, like their own home.

However, in this era of digitalization, the aged parents are left in solitude and dependence as their children are unable to stay with them for they move abroad or to another city for work. So, the next rational thought they come up with is to put their elderly parents in an old-age home. Even though there is nothing wrong with staying in an old-age home, it does affect their sentimental front. Despite the fact that seniors always prefer to live in their own homes and this is expedient, the fact can not be denied that retirement homes or senior-friendly homes are a much better option for them with many benefits and advantages.

The concept of Old Age homes has been in action for a long time but the concept of retirement homes came into existence when young minds started looking for better and more comfortable choices for the elderly.

Let us have an explicit look into the most important attributes and how they are different in both Retirement Homes & Old Age Homes

Facilities & Infrastructure

Retirement homes or Senior Living Communities are made up of independent living options especially designed for seniors. They have provisions of all the facilities and services that you expect in a general residential complex but with unique aspects to aid seniors. You get your own comfortable space with a personal room, bathroom, balcony, etc. Since senior living homes are planned for seniors, most of them have multiple accessibility features like soft wall edges, easy-to-reach light switches, emergency response systems, grab rails in bathrooms, anti-skid flooring, and resting places in corridors and lobby, and much more. Additional spaces like an Activity Centre, Walking and cycling tracks, Gymnasium, Indoor/ Outdoor Games, lawns, temple, etc. are also a part of the senior living infrastructure. At the same time, old age homes are much more conventional, lacking major facilities. They offer minimum facilities like a common dormitory or sharing room, common living room , common bathrooms, a lounge to receive visitors, etc. They can just imagine spending their retirement life just to exist and not live.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are key factors when you reach a certain age. Retirement age is an age where you need regular healthcare. A major and indispensable feature of senior living communities is healthcare. Retirement homes have trained medical and nursing staff who can help with immediate first aid and medical treatment in case of emergencies. Retirement homes also have tie-ups with leading hospitals where residents can visit for their routine check-ups.

Old-age homes too have basic medical facilities in premises but they usually refer to a nearby hospital or clinic for medical emergencies.

Wholesome Food

As you age your preferences for food change. Sometimes you crave for a healthy meal and the other time for Chole Bhature. At retirement homes, you may enjoy restaurant style food at their specially designed cafeterias where they serve freshly cooked food which is delicious and at the same time healthy as it is made keeping in mind the seniors. The meal can also be customised as per your diet and requirements. Seniors can enjoy their meals hassle free without going anywhere.

At old age homes, food is generally served in a mess style cafeteria where residents have no choice of menu and no dietary preference, also the meal can not be customised.

Assured Safety & Security

What feels better than knowing that the place you are living at is completely safe and secure? At retirement homes, they have trained security staff with CCTV surveillance and monitoring. They are retained for all emergencies to help seniors. The safety and security are taken care both at retirement homes and old age homes.

Most senior living homes have 24×7 emergency care , ambulance and doctor on call, emergency response system to ensure safety of the residents.

Recreation, Entertainment And Like-Minded Community

Seniors often feel isolated and abandoned when they fail to socialise after their retirement or as they age. This challenge can be completely taken care of with an active lifestyle and spending time with like-minded companions at senior living communities. You can have your own company and emotional support being in your comfort zone. Senior living communities have ample options which add vibrancy to life. Seniors can spend time together doing activities they like.

At old age homes, there are limited options of reading newspapers and watching Television in common area which are far from a vibrant social life.

Senior Living communities are developing at a fast pace in the country catering all needs of seniors and helping them lead an active and respectful life offering them best of services and comfort to find eternal joy.

Choose one for yourself as Why should young have all the Fun?