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Safeguarding the second innings for your loved ones-Senior Living Communities

Posted on October 29, 2021

If you have seniors approaching their golden age, or parents and you’re concerned about their safety while they live on their own, it may be time to consider a Senior Living community.

The development in senior lifestyle communities has geared toward healthy, active adults that ensure the safety precautions & adhere to keep loved ones safe from any factors that may cause harm.

Age and health are not a matter of consideration when it comes to risks. Life presents uncertain situations that may affect anyone and everyone.

Despite such uncertainties, senior boomers may have a more safe and secured living when they are a part of a senior living community.

The safety guidelines and provisions taken at senior living communities are inclined to go above & beyond to establish safety for seniors since these factors are of utmost priority at such residences.

When the adult children of seniors are curious and concerned about the life of their elderly parents while they are working or travelling, a senior living community offers them peace of mind by ensuring the safety of their loved ones. The Senior Living is well aware of all the risks for elderly, how to protect them from the risks and also the emergency preventive care.

Risk Factors for the Elderly

According to the research conducted by “National Safety Council” in 2019, an estimate of 131400 preventable injury related deaths of seniors were reported in homes and communities that has increased to 4.9% over an year. The major causes of death were poisoning (50%), followed by falls (29%).

Seniors of age above 65 years are more vulnerable for risks as compared to younger boomers.

As per the research conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention,
– More than one out of four older people falls each year
– The likelihood of their falling doubles after falling once
– Fall death rates have increased in older adults by 30% from 2007-2016


When elderly people are living independently & alone , and they fall, they might not receive the help and support they need to get up and even reach out to their phone to contact someone for help. Falls can also cause unconsciousness which is furthermore dangerous if seniors are completely alone.

There are many other at home risks as well like choking, drowning, smoke and fire, mechanical suffocation, poisoning due to wrong or incorrect dosage of medication or by accidentally using a product incorrectly.

Henceforth, seniors who are residing alone and experience any such conditions might not be able to get the help they need in time.

How Senior Living Communities help Safeguard Seniors?

Senior Living communities are always designed with exclusive expert details keeping elderly seniors in mind. Their priority is always the safety of the residents.

Wide Hallways, spacious doorways, fewer steps to get to & from, in and ou from the residence, each senior living has a different design but the most typical and mandatory features are
– Grab rails inside & outside bathtubs, showers & toilets
– No trip hazards & objects to prevent bumping
– Raised Toilets
– Illuminated pathways with proper light
– Slip resistant flooring and anti-skid tiles
– Safety locks at pools and spas
– Electric Controls with wheelchair access
– Intercom Access for 24*7 help
– Emergency Response System
– Emergency Medicare Care
– Wellness Checks
– Ambulance

Other care options may include dressing, bathing and moving to prevent injuries and falls for seniors with & advanced care needs.

Community, Lifestyle & Safety

When we talk about senior care, security shall be a top notch priority. Typically all senior living communities will have a primary gated entry secured by security guards.

Visitor approvals with vigilance and approval by residents make it safe for seniors to reside in community living. Prior information of visitors at the front desk will add to the safety and security of seniors.

CCTV monitored premises are also a prime feature in almost all senior living residences. Senior Living Homes also ensure disaster and safety precautions including sprinkler systems & extinguishers throughout the facility.

The regular staff training with mock drills make them aware and well prepared for any kind of emergencies and how to respond in such situations.

The other major factors are provision of a comfortable, convenient and hassle free living that features in-house maintenance, housekeeping for daily needs, laundry services, dine-in services , recreational corner and much more to keep seniors at ease at all times of the day. Sometimes the daily chores such as cleaning and cooking may also present a risk factor for the seniors which are taken care of at senior living homes by ensuring all services for them.

Arranging transportation for seniors reduces their risk while on road and also prevents the fatigue caused by driving at their age.


On Site Wellness Care, Hospital, 24*7 Nursing Care supported by senior living communities make them a place that helps seniors to stay safe and age with ease.

Professional and experienced on-hand staff to maintain an active & healthy living experience for seniors comes as an added advantage for the seniors and elderly to develop trust & enjoy their golden years in contentment.