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Celebrating the Elderly-A New Frame of Mind

Posted on October 7, 2021

When we talk about the elderly, we might refer to our grandparents, parents or acquaintances who have reached a certain age of life and are now in the second innings or post retirement phase. All the adult children for elderly hold a guilt of not sharing enough time due to busy lifestyles of work, travel and other family responsibilities though wanting to give the best of life to them in their golden years.

Well, a majority of seniors want to age in a place, living in their own home as long as possible. To some elderly, the concept of moving to Senior Living is frightening and fearful as it develops a thought of being abandoned by the family or like letting them away in a nursing home or an old age home.

Studies show that seniors who are a part of senior living communities tend to spend their life in contentment being more happier and may even live longer.

Living in a like-minded community and surroundings offers a solution to solitude and opens plenty of opportunities for seniors to socialize which in turn reduces the causes of anxiety and loneliness suffered by many seniors living in independent home settings.

Active Senior Living caters to many needs of elderly that can facilitate much more to what seniors can get at home & usually at a very affordable cost than their expectations.

So, Why fear Senior Living? Give the edlerly a celebratory lifestyle full of independence, dignity with social reverence during the golden era of their life. Let them Celebrate their Age.

Senior Boomers of today overlook the contemporary notion of Senior Living. The young hearts now are financially stable, well-travelled, socially connected, techno savvy & much more. They look forward to spending their second innings by pursuing hobbies, second innings by pursuing hobbies, developing new interests, continuing to work or starting a new career.

Vardaan Senior Living understands the persisting ethos & is bringing global practices to address their wellness, social & companionship needs with higher levels of independent living. We aspire to make a difference & enhance quality of life for Senior Citizens.

Active & Healthy Ageing

The concept of active ageing is defined as “ the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation & security in order to enhance quality of life as Seniors Age. The Active Ageing concept can be encapsulated as being “engaged in life” in more advanced ages potentially incorporating spiritual & philosophical dimensions which are acknowledged to be of particular relevance in very old ages.

Active & healthy ageing discourses that pay a strong emphasis on health & independence , and understand the concept of “ youthful activities” that should be incorporated for a more psychological rooted perspective.

The psychological capacity of happiness, optimism, quality of life, less distress, neuroticism or loneliness is what makes a difference between those ageing actively & those less active. This reminds us to re-define the ways of senior living by making them more exciting, youthful ,joyful and happy by engaging in a well designed plethora of activities.