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10 Steps To Choosing The Right Senior Living Community

Posted on July 27, 2022

Are you a senior boomer? Do you have an elderly loved one at your home? Are you looking for an active life after retirement? If all these conundrums need correspondence, you’re reading the right piece of information.

All the years we live, we work tirelessly for a better lifestyle, supporting our family, planning for a better future till the day we reach our retirement. When retirement approaches, everyone has a different perspective on life and choice of how they wish to spend their lives post-retirement. Some seniors might wish to retire peacefully enjoying a hassle-free life where nothing needs to be taken care of and some might wish for more time to be spent with loved ones and family. Some might wish to travel the world and some might wish to pursue their hobbies.

Life gives ample opportunities to be lived and one should grab each one, whatever age group you are in. When looking for a retirement or senior living community for yourself or for a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed because there are amazing options available for seniors of today. The senior living market is exploring the needs of seniors and is trying to develop and design the most efficient communities with modern personalized care and a fulfilling lifestyle. Choosing one can be really challenging but choosing the right one is important. The senior care experts from Vardaan Senior Living will minimize your effort and provide you a guide on how to choose a senior living community for yourself or for an elderly loved one.

Let us check on the ten most important aspects when looking for the right retirement community for our loved ones:

1. Determine The Level Of Care Needed

The first step when you start researching for a retirement community is to determine the various levels of care needed for your loved ones and which one is the perfect befit for you. Let us understand the types of senior living options you may explore in your search. Some common retirement community types include active/independent senior living 55+ communities for home buyers, senior living housing societies, assisted living homes (or personal care), nursing homes for skilled nursing care , memory care communities, and life plan communities (also known as continuing care retirement communities). Each living community model aims to offer a safe and secure, edifying environment for the elderly with different levels of care, needs, and likings

2. Mark For The Most Suitable Location

Once you have understood the types of communities and which shall be the best match for you, you shall start by marking the locations where you can find the potential senior living options. Choice of senior living is identical to any other real-estate deal. But the location where you choose to live matters a lot. Try exploring a location that is peaceful, secure & near to your favorite neighborhood or an area where family visits are easier, or near your favorite doctor/ therapist. All options might not match your preference but you can select among the nearby facilities, which is a remarkable start as you have moved on to another important step towards choosing your retirement home

3. Speak To An Advisor Or Expert Before Making Your Decision

After you make your choice of location, you must consider the recommendations from a family advisor or senior care expert and know about references of seniors who are a part of senior living options shortlisted by you. You may speak to them through acquaintances or in person but to talk about your search for senior living is important to know about the views and experiences of people about senior living. You must also check online reviews and ratings before refining the search.

4. Plan A Budget

Another important point to remember while making the choice of your retirement community is the Cost. You shall review the decision of price by sitting with your family and financial advisors. Check on your finances, liabilities, and savings is a must to make sure you are never stressed about the monthly and annual payments subject to the different facilities and services you choose at your retirement community. Plan a budget with the help of financial advisors and family as they can help you explore all the possible sources of money to pay for your senior living.

5. Experience Life At Senior Living – Take A Virtual Tour And Visit The Facility

The more you research the better your choice may be. After you are sure about all the above aspects and select the most suitable options with one or two priority choices, you shall schedule a virtual tour with the site experts to know about the property, facilities, and amenities. The family members shall also play a vital role here, they must schedule a visit to the facility and ask the experts if their loved ones can attend an event or have a meal with the seniors already residing at the facility. Spend time and add value to your loved ones’ life by knowing about the community life, whether the people there are happy, and speak with the professionals working there so that you may have an insight about the care and love they share with the residents. All of this will lead you closer to your decision and the best choice of the senior living community.

6. Check Credibility

Knowing about your choice and making sure that your decision turns out to be right, you must check the credentials of the facility. Do thorough research over the internet about the credentials of the retirement community you choose. Check the ratings in senior care surveys, be inquisitive about any facility charges which are pending, the average duration of resident’s stay, any legal matters going on, staff attrition rates, what all is covered in your plan, etc. All these questions are necessary to be comprehended before you mark your conviction.

7. Learn About Inclusions

There are different levels of care needed for seniors. Before you move forward you must know about the costs of monthly rentals and service care packages. You shall have a transparent and clear inquiry about medication management, routine checkups, and any additional hidden charges such as housekeeping and laundry. Entrust that the care package you choose includes services as per the needs of your loved one. Learn about all the features, design, emergency protocols, medical arrangements, and hospitals in the vicinity to ensure the right choice and the final call.

8. Medical Assessments

Before planning a move-in into a retirement home or a senior living community, get the on-site medical assessment done by the professional nurse or doctor at the facility so that it is an evident part of the record and comes into the process. This reduces the hassles of medical care after the resident moves in into a community. This shall be submitted in addition to the existing personal medical records and assessments. Also, ensure about the emergency medical protocols and hospitals used for admission in case of emergency.

9. Understand The Payment Plans

Once you are at the final term of making the choice, understand the payment plans thoroughly. Sign the agreements only after reading all terms and conditions. Involve family members so that there can be guarantors in case you fail to make a payment or run out of money in any case. The contract shall be signed by you and the responsible party in presence of someone you entrust.

10. Random Check

Since you have made your mind and choice to start living in a senior living facility after all the struggles from how to find a senior living to how to choose the best option for a retirement home? you shall not just settle and forget about everything. You shall make sure your family & friends visit you often, and you shall let your children know about the community life and whether you are receiving the kind of support promised at the time of your choice. Children shall also make sure the parents are not in solitude and are enjoying retirement life by being active and engaged. Review the finances and bills to make sure they are correct. Take care of their medical records and ask for a meeting with their medical nurse or professional every quarter. Make sure the level of care, comfort, and support they need is offered and they are leading a happy, healthy, and peaceful life. Make a random check by visiting the facility, meeting your loved ones, and questioning the on-site professionals on anything and everything that comes to your mind. It’s your time and responsibility to care for your elderly loved ones.

Choosing a retirement community or a senior living facility can be complex and overwhelming but with the right steps and checkpoints, you can make the best decisions. We believe that every senior is special and can have different needs, choices, experiences, and mindsets towards retirement life. Where you choose to live matters as the best fit shall evolve you as an individual in every aspect of mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. We are here to help with all the perspectives that come to your mind before you plan your journey of moving into a retirement home. Talk to a senior care expert today.


Q.1. How do we know it is time to consider a senior living community?

Ans. The decision of moving into senior living can be a real emotional process. Many seniors do not know how to accept this time and the feeling of moving away from their family or loved ones. There are a few points that can help you know it is time for you to make a decision

– When you feel ready to let go of the hassles of life and wish to enjoy a retirement life

– When you are ready to explore community life different, more engaging, more active, and more exciting than what you have lived.

– If your loved one has been diagnosed with memory care requirements which can include Alzheimer’s, dementia, or cognitive dysfunctions that might be a sign of ageing.

– When you wish to be free from the household like cooking, cleaning, and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle.

– When you choose to relax and lead an enriching life.

Q.2. How do we choose the right retirement community?

Ans. Choosing the right retirement community can be complicated when you have multiple options to explore. Find the best option by researching and reviewing the facilities and amenities, tasting the meals, knowing whether the community encourages active living, chatting around with existing residents about the environment and level of engagement, asking for the event calendar, exploring the community culture, level of care needed and support services, medical arrangements and emergency medical protocols. There are a few most important aspects when you make your selection of a retirement community.