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10 Reasons Why Seniors Should Choose Vardaan Senior Living?

Posted on March 12, 2022

Senior Living is about living a healthy, comfortable, and Hassle-free life after retirement. At Vardaan Senior Living, we define it as a retirement community in which we can live life to the fullest and best of our ability. Whether independent living assisted living or short-term stay.

Even for those who can live independently, an exceptional senior living community will be able to provide a range of servicesto add comfort and convenience and ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere. At Vardaan Senior Living, we make sure that we make Seniors’ life easy, comfortable, and hassle-free so that Seniors can enjoy Senior second inning. Here are 10 reasons why Seniors should choose Vardaan Senior Living.

Divine Living

At Vardaan senior living, we make sure that Seniors explore divine living with us. Divine Lifestyle is all about staying in the moment and enjoying the environment around Seniors by practicing meditation, yoga-sadhana, noting, visualization, etc. Meditation is a practice where we use a technique such as mindfulness and focus the mind on a particular thought, object, or activity. Yoga-Sadhana is a practice to align the mind and body in such a way that it regulates the inner system to enrich Seniors’ mental and physical capacities. Noting is a technique in which Seniors focus on breathing or simply sitting in silence, Noting distracts Seniors’ minds from the external surroundings. Visualization is a type of meditation where Seniors picture something or someone in Senior’s minds, basically replacing breathing with an image.

Healthy & Homely Meal

At Vardaan senior living, it’s our responsibility to take care of Seniors’ daily nutrition and provide Seniors with a healthy diet. At this stage of Seniors’ age, it’s very important to focus on the type and kind of nutrition that is consumed by Seniors. We at Vardaan Senior Living offer Seniors 5 meals a day which includes:

Morning tea with the newspaper at 7:00 am.

Breakfast at 09:00 am.

Lunch at 1:00 pm

Evening Snack at 5:00 pm

Dinner will be served at 8:00 pm

Milk will be served at 10:00 pm

We at Vardaan believe that after retirement it’s very important to indulge in healthy eating habits that can improve Senior’s energy level, boost Senior’s immune systems and make Seniors feel great inside and out.

In-Campus Operational Hospital

At Vardaan Senior Living, we understand the importance of health and problems related to health that can occur at any time of the day therefore we provide Seniors with an in campus hospital that has a CGHS approved hospital with 28 practitioners in different specializations who are there to serve and treat any medical emergency needs of seniors.24×7 Nursing care is also offered by our facility. Facilities for regular body check-ups, blood reports by pathological labs, X-Rays, and imaging centers are also available with all the advanced services at the hospitals.

21 Acres Of Lush Green Campus

At Vardaan Senior Living, we understand the importance of nature. It is important to provide easy access to nature for the senior members of our communities. At Vardaan Senior Living, we provide Seniors 21 Acres of Lush Green Campus for Walkability, proximity, benches for resting, and other accommodations for the elderly needs.

Participating in nature walks with others is linked to more positive feelings and better mental health, along with lower levels of depression and stress. Seniors who are unable to exercise can benefit from getting outdoors by enjoying the change of scenery, smelling freshly cut grass, and seeing beautiful, natural vistas. At Vardaan Senior Living, we make sure our senior citizens enjoy their time in nature, it can be in the form of performing light exercise, yoga-sadhana, going for a walk, gardening, or doing different activities managed by the dedicated activity managers.

Fully Furnished Premium Rooms

Vardaan Senior Living has a wide variety of rooms as per the choices of the senior community residents. After retirement, we look for a hassle-free lifestyle where we don’t have to bother about comfort, premium, and ease.

Here are the types of rooms we have for our senior citizens:- Suite rooms, Deluxe rooms, Deluxe room with Balcony, studio rooms. With facilitieslike a fully furnished room with emergency response system, separate living, and bedroom, kitchenette, dining space, dressing room, study and pantry, Refrigerator, television, coffee table with chairs.

27X7 Nursing Care

Elders desire a life with good health, dignity, economic independence, and finally a peaceful death. They long for care, love, and affection. Understanding their needs and concerns will ensure their good health. Lending emotional support to the elders keeps them jovial, which is inevitably the ideal way to live a healthy life.

Panchakarma And Physiotherapy

Well, we can’t deny the fact that after crossing a certain age (most probably 50’s) we all go through many health issues like joint pains, muscle pain, etc. At Vardaan Senior Living, we understand the problem faced by the senior community regarding health issues.

For our retired senior community, we provide Panchakarma and Physiotherapy. The first stage is Purvakarma, where therapy and induced intense sweating lose excess doshas and toxins accumulated in the body. In the actual treatment, Pradhan

Karma, a specialized treatment is administered to expel impurities and revitalize the system. The final stage is Paschatkarma, where a rehabilitation plan with diet, rest, and lifestyle modification is prescribed to prevent recurrence of the disease. This post-treatment care sets Ayurveda apart from other fields of medicine.

Physiotherapy treatment helps Senior Citizens build the strength and stability needed to live on their terms, without the fear of falling or slipping. Physiotherapy is also a social experience. Seniors will work one-on-one with a physiotherapist who is dedicated to helping them achieve their well-being and health goals.

Laundry And Housekeeping

At Vardaan Senior Living, we make sure that Seniors enjoy Seniors entire time with all the things, hobbies Seniors always wanted to do but were not able to due to job and family responsibilities. There should be no worry about washing clothes, cleaning rooms, wondering whether the maid would come on time, etc. We at Vardaan senior living provide Seniors with in-campus Laundry and housekeeping services at fixed and nominal charges for a hassle-free living experience. Cleanliness and hygiene of the facility and room spaces are of utmost priority for us. Our in-house housekeeping team will make Seniors’ stay experience amazing and comfortable.

24X7 Life Support Ambulance

We understand that at a certain age senior citizens are not capable of traveling from their home to hospital or nursing home. At this age getting someone for help is necessary but not everyone is privileged, we already face many issues during this time, and having health issues is problematic not only for us but for others as well. At Vardaan Senior Living, we provide 24X7 advanced life support Ambulance for any medical emergency at the door. For our senior citizens, we have all the medical needs for the elderly care that have been catered. We thrive towards the best possible service for medical care.

24X7 Help Desk

We understand that our senior citizens might need us at any time of the day, keeping in mind the vulnerability of our senior citizens. For any kind of necessity like food service, room service, the requirement of a doctor, nursing care, etc our entire team is here for Senior service to make Seniors stay comfortable and easy. At Vardaan Senior Living, all Senior queries and necessary arrangements will be taken care of by our 24X7 helpdesk team.